Saturday, 1 October 2011

WooJung Couple Episode 26 RAW

 Today is the BTS for the MV fliming of ZIA's new song 'The Way I Am'. They only show the outside filming scene for today.

Both of them were drenched most of the time. The favourite part is that they are helping EACH OTHER to dry their hair :wub: :wub: I love how their gain strength from each other after filming difficult scene and plays together when they are waiting for their scenes. Although at first its a little awkward and they did say that 'It will be better if they are filming with strangers'.

After having lunch they proceed with the 'running down by car scene'. Jangoonim was hang in the mid air and it looks really painful (especially to guys if you guys know what I meant :P ) EunJung was silently waiting at the side while Jangoonim did his filming. EunJun was so attentive because she wanted to ease his pain by helping him getting water and keeping him warm. I think both of them truly feel the greatness of having each other by their side better than filming alone with some other strangers. 

WooJung Couple Episode 26 RAW


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