Friday, 15 April 2011

T-ara’s Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo meet for the first time on “We Got Married”

After much anticipation, the first episode of the newly “wedded” couple of T-ara’s Eunjung and handsome actor Lee Jang Woo was finally broadcast this weekend!
Lee Jang Woo arrived first at a small theater in Seoul where they had planned to meet, and upon her arrival, the actor turned on the stage lights and sweet music and finally introduced himself through the mic in a romantic manner.
The actor then finally came onto the stage and they officially introduced each other face to face. On the day, Eunjung had brought along a little notepad of what she’s always wanted to do when in relationships, and also gifted Lee Jang Woo with a cute couple ring that she had made when she was younger.
During their conversation, the two found out that they were majoring in the same acting major at the same college, Dong Kuk University, with Lee Jang Woo being Eunjung’s senior. As a way to break the ice, Lee Jang Woo got Eunjung to undergo freshman hazing by dancing on the spot without any music.
When asked about her first meet with Lee Jang Woo, Eun Jung expressed, “I think his voice at the beginning was really awesome. A voice that you hear in a coffee advertisement. He was also very pretty. He looked like a deer.”
With regards to the hazing, Eunung laughed and stated, “I wondered to myself where I was. I wondered whether I was here to meet my husband or if I was at school. We were talking about my singing when it suddenly turned to that.”
Meanwhile, Lee Jang Woo expressed, “I could’ve never even imagined it. The moment she entered, I turned into ice.” With regards to the hazing, the actor laughed and said, “We were there to become a married couple, but it was really cute seeing her military-disciplined behavior.”


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