Friday, 15 April 2011

T-ara’s Eunjung shows her support for KARA’s Gyuri

Following fellow member Soyeon’s interview with Newsen yesterday, T-ara’s Eunjung has also expressed her affections towards KARA’s Gyuri as well as a message of support.
Fans already know that the two are representative best friends of the industry.  Although they only got to know each other after their debut, the girls found comfort in their same age and open personalities.
Eunjung revealed, “After KARA’s controversy broke out, we contacted each other about three times.  Because she’s going through a very difficult time, it’s hard for me to approach her first.  I’m waiting for her to come to me when she’s ready.”
She continued, “Even when I don’t talk to her, she’s the kind of friend where we just connect with our hearts.  I’m ready and willing to pick up contact whenever she’s ready.”


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