Monday, 16 May 2011

Recaps On Episode 6 Woojung Couple

Recaps on episode 6:
1. it's quite interesting that both eunjung and jangwoo are have the same circle of friends, yet they don't know each other...
2. even the dean knows jangwoo's ex-girlfriend????
3. btw, hanhyojoo and eunjung look similar..
4. really love jangwoo n eunjung's duet.
5. when both of them went to see the dean, the MCs commented that they look like a couple that had eloped and then came back to ask for blessings...LOL
6. the dean's advice for the be 'comrades' that surpassed 'husband-wife'
7. both of them must had C.C before. when the dean whether they have never met in the campus before, jangwoo answered that they might have but didn't recognize each other. then the dean asked again,' was it because eunjung wasn't this pretty last time?'. jangwoo replied that eunjung was with someone else that time. then eunjung answered back and said that he was also with someone last time. 
8. jangwoo was scared that eunjung finds out about his past gf....hmmm...makes me even more was funny to see him panicked and stopped eunjung from looking at the picture board.

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Anonymous said...

hi :)
i want to ask, whats the title of the song that jang woo and eunjung sang at the class (their duet song)?
thanks a lotttt.... :D

NB: please help me, i really like the song..

WooJung Couple said...

Take Me As I am

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