Saturday, 21 May 2011

WooJung Couple Episode 7 + Peview RAW




Highlights of this episode: 

1. lunch with their uni friends, during lunch one guy poured drinks on Eun jung's glass which earned him a killer look from Jang Woo

2. Jangwoo initiating walking hand in hand with Eun Jung, fingers intertwined :-D swoonnss!!! 

3. Jang Woo and the other friend playing joke on Eun jung how they were fighting and Eun Jung was sad about it and when she knew it was just a joke she cried a little. Then Jang Woo was surprised and was trying to appease Eun Jung reaching out to for her to hold his hand but she was upset and he was trying to calm her. 

4. Jangwoo carrying Eun Jung's girly bag for her :) 

5. They were at an auditorium and they played rock paper scissors and the loser will perform on stage. Then EJ lost and sang a song for Jang Woo , JW was so into it that I think he didnt even blink a second! hahahaa 

6. They got the mission card and I think they're gonna have their own home. 

7. They went looking for it , pretty excited and again JW grabbed EJ by her hand while they walk towards their home. 

Cr :samgirl


Anonymous said...

wow! you are so fast! (^^)P
thank you so much wgm-CC.

Anonymous said...

it was JaeMin that poured the drink for EunJung. i really like JaeMin here, because i love seeing JangWoo jealous over EunJung xD

Anonymous said...

no eng substitle?

Anonymous said...

Would you please traslate this episode to english... pleaseeeeeeeee. i really like this couple...

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