Saturday, 14 May 2011

[SPOILER: We Got Married] Eunjung’s midterm grade revealed in front of her husband

T-ara’s Ham Eunjung’s midterm grades have been publicized.
On the May 14th episode of MBC’s “We Got Married“, the Lee Jang Woo/ Eunjung couple, who also happen to attend the same university, went to school together. Lee Jang Woo followed Eunjung into her Vocal Technique Class.
In front of the class, the professor stated, “Last week, we took our midterms. Today, you will receive your score.” As her fellow peers scored high with 9s and 10s (100%), Eunjung’s score was finally revealed.
Her professor revealed, “You got 6 points. This is the lowest score…” Surprised and embarrassed, Eunjung replied, “I’ll take it again.”
In the interview portion of the episode, Eunjung stated, “I felt like there were 10 cameras behind me. I thought it would be good, but now I keep worrying.”


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