Monday, 23 May 2011

WooJung Couple Episode 7 Eng Sub

Part 1 (Twitter)

Part 1 (Dailymotion)

우결 우정 Ep 7 Part 1/2 by snjeung

Part 2 (Twitter)

Part 2 (Dailymotion)

우결 우정 Ep 7 Part 2/2 [720p] by snjeung

I just provide the link.

Credit to SNJ SUBS TEAM :
Translator: snjeung
Timer: laff, azngurlie
Uploader: Insomniac


Anonymous said...

will you sub the next episod ?? snjsub stop to subbing them... T.T

Anonymous said...

yeah.. please sub the following episodes because snjsubs stopped subbing already.. :|

Anonymous said...

im still waiting the download link please thanks :/

Anonymous said...

wow thanks for uploading and subbing ^^

Anonymous said...

can i get the mediafire link please?

Anonymous said...

10 Reasons Why I Love Jangoonim

10. HE KNOWS EVERYTHING. From camping out to cooking, omo! I will surely live if we were stranded in an island or something and I’m with him. :)

9. HE IS SO ROMANTIC. Singing Nothin’ on You and even preparing fireworks on his birthday for her. Tell me he’s not romantic! :”>

8. HE IS SUCH A GENTLEMAN. From carrying her bag, helping her out on doing things.. He does everything. omo~

7. HE IS NOT SHY. Not that I hate shy guys but c’mon girls, let’s face it - aggressive guys are hot :)

6. HE IS SO PLAYFUL/FUNNY. I love it when he plays pranks on her! lol and that laugh omg *dies*

5. HE IS SO CUTE. I know he’s handsome, really, but he has a lot of cuteness, especially when he smiles or laugh. I just can’t take it :))

4. HE HAS A NICE VOICE. Omg, I love his voice when he first met her in the theater. Hiding and speaking with that mic. What a sexy deep voice he has. I also love his singing voice. :”>

3. HE INITIATES natural skinships and not-so-natural skinships. He loves touching her and loves being touched by her. lol Like what I said aggressive guys are hot. :P

2. HE IS SEXY. Although I haven’t seen it, I know he has it somewhere :))

1. HE IS A PERVERT. Not that I like perverted guys lol. He is a pervert in a good way :)) He really wants to see Eunjung in a bikini. As in REALLY! He even bought a bikini for her! He want’s to kiss her and wants to make HONEYMOON BABIES!! so cute omg!

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